Our Vision

Build the foundation for a successful family

Our Aim

Promote, nurture and celebrate marriage

Our Objective

Share the recipe for a successful marriage

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About Us

The Muslim community, in these times, faces unprecedented divorce rates and family discord is rife. The bedrock of a strong and flourishing community relies upon the strength of the marital unit; the dissolution of which leads to a weakened Muslim community.

Marital Arts is a grassroots organisation, formed in 2016, that aims to navigate how we can replenish this backbone of society: marriage.

We are dedicated to nurturing and empowering women to become the best versions of themselves so they can lead a successful family life.


Our Team

Marital Arts is a non-profit organisation and is run voluntarily by a team of women who have come together from various homes, professions and educational backgrounds.


Self Development

Looking after one’s own personal, mental and spiritual development.


 Developing productive and harmonious dealings with others


Equipping mothers with practical methods for raising their children.