I need weekly halaqah to keep me revived! Every week I leave MA Circle feeling as though Umm Talha has spoken to me directly – the topics are always so on point and relatable. Every week I take something back which I can physically or spirtually change in my life to make things better. Alhamdulillah Marital Arts has changed my way of living and thinking as a mother, a wife, a daughter and as an individual!

Alhamdulillah blessed to be attending Marital Arts halaqah and events for many years now.  The place to be on a Saturday morning! Gaining knowledge with sisters who are on the journey to Allah.

I find the classes very beneficial, I’ve learnt so much which affects me being a better muslim and better wife. Also the halaqah allows me my own time with other sisters aswell as improving myself. Very unique in specifically focusing on the women.

Special moments to spend with amazing sisters and every session I learn so much. I will miss these lessons very much after I move away from London.

Love the halaqahs and have become very attached. May Allah reward all sisters for their hardwork and efforts. Ameen.

It is my time! My time to connect to Allah. Bonus – having a sisterhood!

A time to connect to Allah and refuel for the week ahead!