Marital Art educates and raises awareness of different areas of women’s development to enable her to build a successful family life.

The three primary areas of focus are;

  1. Self-care – looking after one’s own personal, mental and spiritual development.
  2. Relationships – developing productive and harmonious dealings with others.
  3. Parenting – equipping mothers with practical methods for raising their children.


A woman must take care of herself before she can take care of others.

We provide opportunities for women to come to learn and develop in a safe and friendly environment. She can take the time out from her busy life of responsibility and think clearly of her spiritual growth. These lessons support a woman to better understand herself and her purpose thereby allowing her to reach her true potential.

Our weekly study session is a popular meeting place for local women. It is open for women and children (boys under 10 years old) to attend and take benefit.

MA Circle

Frequency: Every Saturdays

Check for current times and venue.


Healthy relationships lead to happy individuals, especially in marriage.

Marital Arts help to develop a positive attitude towards marital relationships because we believe the relationship a woman has with her husband will impact on the home and family life.

Parents are the role models for their children, acting as living examples. Hence, it is vital that this union is given special attention and kept strong.

Our interactive marriage workshop teaches the techniques of effective communication skills and essential qualities needed to develop a strong bond.


We know how challenging it can be to raise children. To help mothers, we deliver parenting courses giving practical tips and tools to use in nurturing the future generations.

We have a weekly MA time group set up. It is designed to give mothers a space for discussing matters of concern. It is also an environment for them to learn from one another so that they can develop a network of support between themselves. Additionally, these meetings include toddler activities that are managed by the mothers.

Please check our website for current times and venue.