A learning curve for the newly married or those seeking a spouse. Delivered by a professional marriage counsellor sharing advice and sharing insight on what qualities to seek for in a potential spouse along theoretical conceptualization on the impacts of effective communication and strategies that can be harnessed to address conflict resolution at the early stages of marriage. Practical tips given to leading a successful marital life.

Marriage Workshop 2017

When two people decide to get married, in most cultures there always appears to be an over emphasis of the finer details of the wedding day and the preparation for this momentous occasion, with very little thought put into what will come after this; two people spending and sharing a home and life together. At Marital Arts we see the real preparation for marriage begins the moment you decide you want to find your companion for life and settle down.
With this in mind we have organised a one day interactive workshop which will discuss in depth many of the various issues around how to build a loving and healthy union between husband and wife. Issues pertaining to the roles and responsibilities of both companions, team work, effective communication, how to create an atmosphere of love, growth and connection, problem solving and much more.
The workshop will be live, interactive and will deal real life issues in a sensitive, open and constructive way.
Our teacher on the day will be none other than Afshan Khan who is a marriage counsellor by profession; Afshan will be readily equipped to discuss issues surrounding how to create a connection with your spouse and develop effective communication. Umm Talha will discuss how to establish positive roles and responsibilities in the family home taken from the sources of Quran and Sunnah
Please come and join us on this quest to find out truly what it means to create happiness and harmony in the home.

An interactive day includes:

  • Presentation on effective communication skills
  • Case studies
  • Role Play
  • Practical Advise on developing a successful Marriage

Marriage Workshop 2016