Happy Home

Marital Arts Annual Conference 2017

11 March 2017

London Muslim Centre


This year’s annual conference will focus on the home, how to make a happy home.

“And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode…” [Quran 16:80]

Ibn Katheer, may Allah have mercy on him, said: “Here Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, is mentioning His complete blessing to His slaves: He has given them homes which are a peaceful abode for them, to which they retreat as a haven which covers them and gives them all kinds of benefits.”

A happy home is essential for a happy family.

The conference will tackle challenges facing Muslim homes, discuss measures to establish peace at home, and offer practical advice on maintaining the home.


Topics to be discussed

Marital relations

An ideal home

The role of the homemaker

Problems and solutions

Steps to maintain a happy home

Q & A by panel


Several experienced and specialist speakers will be addressing the audience with expert opinions and views. They include:

Umm Talha, Islamic teacher, Founder of Marital Arts

Dr Nadia Rahman, GP and , Professional advisor, Community worker

Fatima Barakatullah, Author and Speaker on Muslim affairs

Rahma Abdul Latif, Islamic counsellor and parenting coach

Sultana Parvin, Islamic activist, speaker on women’s issues