A World of Difference

Two years ago I was going through a turbulent time in my marriage and I didn’t know what to do. I had family members advising me to do one thing, friends pushing for the opposite and a great deal of internal conflict compounded by the emotional chaos I was experiencing at the time. To be honest I felt lost, and I just wanted to do something because I was so unhappy with where I was at that time.

One of my dear friends and someone I respect, Umm Talha from Marital Arts, took out the time and made the effort to help me through that tough time. And I emphasize effort because it isn’t easy to see someone go through their hard times, it takes strength and patience and clarity. Having her support in a time when I was between biased well-meaning family and friends, and my own thoughts was absolutely critical.  At your time of need, it makes a world of difference who you surround yourself with. Advice at that time can make or break you. The decisions taken in a time where you’re emotionally compromised can have consequences that span the rest of your life, they should be taken with care, given time and not rushed.

All marriages go through ups and downs, sharp fluctuations and moments of difficulty. There’s no shame in it, we all experience these times, and it’s perfectly normal to feel like you need help to navigate those times. This is where the vital work of Marital Arts comes in. The wonderful women at MA have created a judgement free space to come for help and find support in tough times. In a time where we no longer have the village of women and elders to carry us and share wisdom and encouragement, MA was created to fill that gap.

Whatever you’re going through, you aren’t alone, and you don’t have to handle it alone.