Life seemed to crash down on me!

How can I go on I felt like my whole life has crashed down on me! All I could think about is I have young children what do I do who shall I talk to? crying isn’t helping I need advice by the will of Allah I called a dear sister from Marital Arts she advised me what ever has happened between you and your husband don’t talk to anyone about it as this will make it difficult for you to move on later. She referred me to call and arrange a meeting with Islamic Council of Europe to seek advice from Muslim Marriage Advisor.

I am truly so grateful to Allah for sending me such an amazing person in my life who took time out of their life to help me to listen to me to hold my hands and Guide me to successful marriage. As I am writing this my tears are rolling down my eyes because I’m so grateful to this person for helping me thorough one of the toughest time in my life.

Marriage is one of the most difficult things to make successful all I know is that the women of Jannah didn’t attain Janna because they had an easy life they were tested and they were tried and they succeeded.